Volvo EX30: 10 Things To Love About This Compact Electric SUV

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Here we discuss some of the pros of the Volvo EX30, which is the brand’s newest compact crossover electric car. 

Every car has its upsides and downsides and the EX30 is no exception to this rule. But what’s to like about the EX30? Well, for starters, this reviewer (Kris Rifa) says that the Thor hammer headlight design is probably the best he’s ever seen. He also loves the design of the OEM 20-inch wheels. Yes, these are both minor exterior details but the reviewer loves them.

On the inside, the door handle pulls are elegant, high-quality and a perfect design solution. Additionally, the material choices and fit and finish of the interior as a whole are very impressive, considering the affordable price tag of the EX30.

On the driving side, the reviewer loves the vehicle’s compact size, noting that it’s easy to maneuver and fun to drive. In regards to steering, the EX30 has a commendable steering feel and weighting, according to Rifa. The artificial leather on the steering wheel is also regarded as feeling as close to the finest leather available.

The EX30 gets words of praise for how quick it is and the Harmon Kardon audio system is considered to be exceptional by the reviewer.

Lastly, the base version of the EX30, which starts at $34,950 in the U.S., is considered to be the best car at that price, according to Rifa

The EX30 starts at $34,950 for a base, single-motor, RWD car. A top-of-the-line dual-motor Ultra trim starts at $46,600, plus the $1,295 destination charge. 

The EX30 is off to a strong sales start. In the first quarter of 2024, Volvo delivered 14,500 EX30 EVs globally.

In our 2025 Volvo EX30 first drive review (on ice) Tim Stevens concluded with this statement:

I’m convinced this thing lives up to the hype. If you’ve already put in your pre-order, rest assured you’re waiting on something good. My second go behind the wheel of the EX30 just left me wanting even more time behind the wheel, while showing that RWD can work and work well even in the worst of conditions.

And you can check out our other EX30 first drive review (on pavement) here:

Stay tuned for more on the EX30. Next up will be some things to hate about Volvo’s compact electric crossover.

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