Volkswagen ID. Code Concept Has A GTI Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Picks Up Your Mess

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This is the new Volkswagen ID. Code concept car. Its first outing on the show floor was at this year’s Auto China in Beijing, which will tell you immediately that China is a very important market for the German automaker.

In fact, the ID. Code was designed specifically for Chinese customers, but its design ushers in a new direction for VW’s upcoming SUVs in general, meaning that we might see something similar to this roaming the streets of the United States by the end of the decade. So let’s see what this 16-foot-long show car is all about. 

We’ll leave the design for later because, well, you have eyes and can make up your own mind about how this thing looks like. That said, let’s start with what we think are the most interesting parts.

First up, Volkswagen claims the ID. Code features the latest and greatest advanced driving assistance bits in the world, making it capable of Level 4 automated driving. This means the driver doesn’t need to pay attention to the road and can even rotate their seat 180 degrees while the car is moving to have a chat with the other passengers.

When the so-called Center Pilot is engaged, the yoke-like steering wheel retracts into the dashboard, making the cabin feel more like a pod than a regular vehicle. Bringing the car further down the sci-fi route is an AI-assisted avatar that acts like a digital co-driver, semi-transparent windows that can project images both to those inside and outside, as well as a lighting system that can communicate with other road users.

There’s also a so-called Hygiene mode that can be activated when nobody is inside the car, say after a long trip. UV light and antibacterial filters supposedly clean the air, while an integrated robot vacuum cleaner that goes by the “Lupo” name makes the floor nice and dirt-free.

Volkswagen says that the ID. Code features all-around Smart Windows in addition to the more down-to-earth augmented reality heads-up display. In other words, the side windows and the front passenger side of the windshield can display information about the weather, battery status, navigation map or the media library. There’s also a full-width Wide-R screen under the windshield that extends into the doors.

Volkswagen ID.Code Beijing Showcar (2024) Vacuum Cleaner
Volkswagen ID.Code Beijing Showcar (2024) Sketches
Volkswagen ID.Code Beijing Showcar (2024)
Volkswagen ID.Code Beijing Showcar (2024)

The German automaker claims that the digital avatar that appears on the semi-transparent side window displays can tell the driver to use sunscreen if sunny weather is predicted or to take an umbrella if rain is forecasted.

The Volkswagen ID. Code concept has hundreds of LEDs integrated into its face and rear end which can “talk” to other road users by changing their color or simulating human eyes, letting pedestrians and other drivers know that the car is in autonomous mode.

Four people can travel on individual aircraft-like seats that can swivel to make ingress and egress easier, as well as recline to a sleeping position. Volkswagen says that the interior of the concept EV is a highly variable lounge with online connectivity covered in the highest-quality, environmentally friendly and animal-free materials.

We have no specs but we know that the show car is all-electric and that its doors are electrically operated, which is a nice touch if you’re into that sort of thing. But are you? Let us know in the comments below what you think.

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