Musk Again Claims Tesla Will ‘Soon’ Have Banish, Actual Smart Summon

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has long been a fan of memes, trolling, and humorous acronyms for otherwise unremarkable product names. In fact, his affection for juvenile humor is what brought us Tesla’s current product lineup of the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y (or ‘S3XY’). 

But it did not end there of course. In between major product launches, Elon was selling Tesla-branded flamethrowers, actual short shorts to troll TSLA shorts, and finding ever more creative ways to sneak the numbers 69 and 420 into everyday conversations. 

Since the purchase of Twitter and its transformation into X, he has leaned into this side of his personality. But he has moved away from associating this with the Tesla brand itself. Instead, following Elon on X has meant being bombarded by politically charged memes rather than promotion of Tesla or its products.

So it’s good to at least see Elon’s low-brow humor directed at Tesla again. After recently discussing upcoming Tesla Vision updates with fans, Elon again shared that Autopark and Smart Summon would be returning soon to Tesla vehicles. These features have been largely removed from the current lineup ever since the automaker dropped ultrasonic sensors from all products about two years ago.

Even when these features were included in Tesla vehicles, the Smart Summon and Autopark features never really lived up to expectations and the claims from Musk. The automaker has been assuring buyers of their return since then, but not much has come of it so we will remain skeptical for now.

Although we have started seeing early demonstrations and reviews of this new Tesla Vision-based Autopark. Initial impressions have been that the product is a bit slow, but overall functions well for parallel parking.

Musk hinted about a month ago that Autopark might be renamed to “Banish” since the idea is that it would involve exiting your car and sending your Model Y away to find a parking spot on its own. 


Now it seems that he would like to coin the phrase “Actual Smart Summon” in place of Smart Summon as Tesla currently calls it. This isn’t the first time Elon has mentioned an “(actual smart) Summon”, although previous mentions were a bit more subtle and we hadn’t heard too much about it recently.


Knowing his personality, and people’s tendency to refer to long product names on the web as acronyms, it is no coincidence that this product feature would be shortened to ASS. Elon is well aware of what it would mean to have millions of ASS-equipped S3XY models on the road. 

Then again, calling this feature “Actual” Smart Summon would imply that the previous version wasn’t all that smart. So, is this simply a joke on Elon’s part, or will the company be referring to the feature in this way in the future? Let us know what you think below. 

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