Mercedes stops work on MB.EA EV platform for large cars

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Mercedes-Benz has stopped development of a next-generation platform for mid- and full-size electric vehicles as the automaker seeks to reduce spending in the EV segment amid a slowdown in sales.

The news was first reported on Monday by Germany’s Handelsblatt and since confirmed by Mercedes to fellow German outlet Automobilwoche.

“The pace of transformation will be determined by market conditions and the wishes of our customers,” the automaker said in a statement to Automobilwoche.

The MB.EA platform was first announced in 2021, when Mercedes pledged to exclusively offer EVs by 2030. However, Mercedes in February said it has bailed on the plan to due to slower than expected EV sales, and that it will continue to offer vehicles with gas engines well into the next decade.

Two versions of the MB.EA platform were planned: MB.EA Small and MB.EA Large. The MB.EA Small platform is still being developed and will debut next year in an electric C-Class. An electric GLC-Class on the platform is also in the works.

The MB.EA Large was destined for successors to the EQE and EQS, and their respective SUV versions. According to the Handelsblatt report, Mercedes will instead update the EVA2 platform used by the current models, for their successors. The EQS successor is reportedly due around 2028 with a more traditional sedan shape instead of the current model’s jelly bean design.

In addition to the MB.EA Small platform, Mercedes also plans the MMA for compact EVs and hybrids, the AMG.EA for high-performance EVs from AMG, and the Van.EA for electric light commercial vehicles. At present there are no plans to halt development of any of those additional platforms.

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