Ferrari developing new tires for its old supercars

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Iconic Ferrari supercars like the F40 and Enzo will be able deliver better performance on the racetrack than when they first left the factory thanks to modern, model-specific tires being developed by Ferrari in partnership with Pirelli.

According to the automaker, modern materials and tread designs have led to tires that deliver superior grip and other performance characteristics compared to the tires available in the past. There are also improved safety characteristics, like different directional and asymmetric tread patterns designed to counter aquaplaning.

There are already various off-the-shelf tires available for Ferrari’s classic supercars that offer these benefits, but the tires Ferrari is helping develop match the size and aspect ratio or the original tires used on the cars, and according to the automaker also deliver a similar feel from behind the wheel in most driving situations.

The tires also feature lettering on their side walls similar to the style used in the past.

Ferrari and Pirelli developing new tires for classic supercars

Currently in the works are bespoke tires designed for the 288 GTO and Enzo. Ferrari has also signed off on testing of non-bespoke tires from Pirelli’s Collezione series for classic cars, which the automaker said are appropriate for use on the F40 and F50.

Ferrari said its goal is to continue offering tires with modern compounds for all of its supercar models.

Previously, Pirelli developed modern tires for classic Ferraris on its own. One of these was the Stelvio Corsa tire launched in 2018 exclusively for the 250 GTO.

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