Alfa Romeo Milano now called Junior due to Italian law

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Alfa Romeo’s new subcompact crossover revealed last week as the Milano will instead be called the Junior when it starts sales later this year.

Alfa Romeo announced the new name on Monday and cited an Italian law that bans the use of the Milano name.

At issue is the vehicle originally using the name of an Italian city while calling a production site in another country, in this case Poland, home. Rather than challenge the law, Alfa Romeo said it decided to change the name in the “spirit of promoting mutual understanding.”

The original Milano name signifies Alfa Romeo’s Milanese roots but also recalls the Milano sedan sold in the U.S. in the 1980s. It was picked as the most popular option for the new crossover, not by Alfa Romeo’s staff but rather the automaker’s fans via a survey. Junior was another name that was popular among fans, Alfa Romeo said.

2025 Alfa Romeo Junior

Like Milano, the Junior name has featured in Alfa Romeo’s past. It was first used on Alfa Romeo’s GT 1300 Junior launched in 1966.

Regardless of its name, there are no plans to bring the crossover to the U.S. market. Elsewhere, it will serve as Alfa Romeo’s new entry point now that the Giulietta and Mito hatchbacks are gone.

Alfa Romeo is saving full details until the European market launch in the summer, but buyers, depending on the market, will be able to choose between mild-hybrid and fully electric powertrains, making the crossover Alfa Romeo’s first EV. Two electric powertrains, both of them single motors mounted at the front, will be on offer, with the more powerful of these delivering 240 hp.

Alfa Romeo intends to offer an electric option on every vehicle it launches this decade. Next in the pipeline is a redesigned Stelvio due in 2025. It will be followed by a redesigned Giulia in 2026. Though it’s yet to be confirmed, a midsize SUV is expected to debut in 2027 as the final addition to Alfa Romeo’s core lineup.

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