2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia: Everything We Know

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When Peugeot Group merged with Fiat Chrysler a few years back, the conglomerate gave its collection of over a dozen brands a decade to launch new products in order to prove their worth. Alfa Romeo is one of those brands, and the company is already in the process of rejiggering its range for the next decade.

The next generation of Alfa Romeo models will kick off with a new, next-generation Giulia sedan. We’re still two years away from it arriving, but Stellantis isn’t keeping many secrets.

The new Giulia will ride on the Stellantis STLA Large platform that underpins a range of vehicles, including the new Dodge Charger. Alfa has revealed some output figures while other powertrain details remain a mystery. And we still don’t exactly what it’ll look like—although, we have ideas. Until it debuts, this is everything we know about the next-generation Alfa Romeo Giulia.

What Will It Look Like?

The most recent Alfa Romeo Giulia went on sale for the 2016 model year, and it’s a svelte sedan with curvy sheet metal. But Alfa could drop the traditional three-box design for something more functional. Company officials have hinted that it could adopt a swooping fastback silhouette similar to the new Peugeot 4008. But we still expect it to be something closer to a traditional fastback sedan.

The new Giulia will share its platform with the next-gen Dodge Charger, but the flexible architecture underneath allows Alfa to build something unique. It can alter the length, wheelbase, width, and height in addition to the sheet metal, and it can accommodate a range of combustion and electrified powertrains.

Alfa Romeo CEO Jean Philippe Imparato talked highly of the new styling back in March, saying: “What we designed is a bomb, we couldn’t finalize the style of this car without being absolutely in love with it. And now we are!”

2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia Rendering
Alfa Romeo Giulia

We’ve rendered (above) what we imagine the new Alfa Romeo Giulia could look like. It should keep the company’s iconic “Trefoil” triangular grille but with more aggressive details like a larger lower grille and slimmer headlights. The back end will be a big departure from the current model, with triangular taillights at each corner and a full-width light bar accommodating the five-door design.

But these are just renderings; we won’t know what the new Giulia looks like until it officially debuts.

What’s Under the Hood?

2025 Dodge Charger Engine

A number of early reports indicated that the new Alfa Romeo Giulia would be electric only.  But as many companies walk back their EV strategy, much like the Charger, Alfa will offer the next-gen Giulia with gas and battery-electric power. Head honcho provided clearer information about what the future powertrains could look like.

The EV version specifically will see a range of performance trim levels and options. The base version will make 345 horsepower, while the mid-tier Veloce will make 790. The pinnacle of the lineup will be the 1,000-horsepower Quadrifoglio, which is a huge jump from the current 505-hp car with its twin-turbo V-6 engine.

We don’t know what engine will power the combustion version, but one option could be the brand’s twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter Hurricane straight-six. It makes 420 or 550 hp in the new Dodge Charger, which could easily squeeze into the Giulia’s lineup. Although, hybridization could be off the table.

How Fast Will It Be?

2026 Alfa Romeo Giulia Rendering

Short answer: Fast. The quickest Dodge Charger Daytona, the BEV version, makes 670 hp and can reach 60 mph in 3.3 seconds. The current Giuila Quad gets there in 3.8 seconds—but the new version should be even quicker.

The new Giulia could have a low- to mid-four-second sprint in base form and closer to a three-second sprint on the Veloce model. The Quadrofoglio could be as quick as a supercar, getting to 60 mph in well under three seconds.

When Does It Debut?

Alfa Romeo hasn’t yet sent out “Save the Date” cards, but the new Giulia will likely break cover sometime next year. It won’t go on sale until 2026, though, so we’re still two years away from having a new Alfa model on the road.

How Much Will It Cost?

It’s too early to know how much the next-gen Giulia will cost. The 2024 Giulia starts at $44,935 (the price includes the $1,595 destination charge), with the Quadrifoglio commanding $83,000. Its replacement should cost the same, if not more, especially the BEV version. A starting price of around $50,000 wouldn’t surprise us, and we’d expect the Quadrifoglio to creep ever closer to the $100,000 mark.

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