Where Rivian Stumbled, The R1T RMAXX Filled The Gear Tunnel Void

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About one year ago today, after being delayed since the launch of the Rivian R1T in late 2021, Rivian officially removed the previously announced Camp Kitchen and Tunnel Shuttle accessories from their online store. These accessories were designed to make use of the R1T’s gear tunnel, a storage area located between the rear seats and the bed of the truck. 

For the first two years of deliveries, Rivian had been telling interested buyers that the products were simply on “hold”, specifically saying in late 2022 that they were being redesigned. But their removal as an option in 2023 seems to have been the final death blow to these cool accessories. 

Of course, the aftermarket has stepped in to fill this literal void in the Rivian. There have been quite a few third-party accessories for storage and camp kitchens in the years since. But this new storage solution from EV Sportsline might be the most robust one we’ve seen yet. 

The RMAXX Gear Tunnel features a split, modular design that you can customize to suit your needs. This is a sled style system and different storage box configurations can be installed on either side of the gear tunnel.

Storage Box Option  Possible Use Cases

Open Top Sport / Camp / Gear Box

Seems to be ideal for multi-purpose use. Could be used for storage on camping trips, road trips, carrying groceries, placing dirty boots, etc.

Single Drawer Chest & Folding Work Surface

A deep drawer solution that can hold large tools, cooking accessories and other large objects. The fold-out work surface would work great at job sites or for food preparation when camping.

Triple Drawer Chest & Folding Work Surface

Resembling your typical toolbox, this option is ideal for job sites and is easy for stowing away tools and keeping them organized. Like the single-drawer version, this one also has a fold-out work surface. 

Each side of the RMAXX gear tunnel has a 250-lb load capacity, for a total of 500-lbs. With the gear tunnel closed, the drawers and the entire sliding platform lock into place and are released with the press of a latch. The boxes also lock into place when the sled platform is fully extended.

You can also purchase this in a “sled only” configuration and create your own DIY storage options. It should be noted that while the sled itself is available now, the storage boxes will be shipping in June. 

While we have not gone hands-on, the build quality seems quite good based on the photos and videos released so far. Pricing for the RMAXX depends on which configurations you choose, starting at $850 and maxing out at $1,640. That is about on par with the original $1,500 advertised price for the Rivian Tunnel Shuttle and thousands less than the Camp Kitchen.

This seems to be a pretty versatile, well-engineered option for Rivian owners. If you have an R1T and were disappointed when the official accessories were canceled, would this product be a good replacement? Or did you find another solution that you’re happy with? Let us know in the comments below.

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