We’re Driving the Mercedes-Maybach GLS600. Ask Us Anything

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The Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 rests at the very top tier of the luxury SUV spectrum. Competing against the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley, it promises the very best comfort features and latest tech Mercedes-Benz has to offer, with a rear passenger area that looks more like the inside of a first-class airline than an SUV.

Mercedes gave the Maybach GLS600 a new face for the 2024 model year, with a revised bumper and grille, along with a lightly refreshed interior. Equally as luxurious as before, you’ll find two individual lounge chairs in place of the second and third rows seen in the normal GLS, making this 6,000-plus-pound SUV a four-seater affair. The example in my driveway also has a lovely two-tone green and silver paint job and a set of magnificent 23-inch forged monoblock wheels. 

The 2024 Maybach GLS starts at $175,500 with destination, but this one comes in at $203,700 thanks to a bevy of posh options. The two-tone paint is a $18,500 upcharge, while the monoblocks are another $6,000. Other notable add-ons include the $1,800 rear folding tables and the $1,100 champagne fridge. 

I’ve already spent a couple of days behind the wheel of the GLS600, mostly chauffeuring my girlfriend and her family around while they’re in town for a visit. There are a lot of things I like, but also a couple of things I don’t. 

2024 Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 - 27

What’s Good So Far?

  • It rides beautifully. This should go without saying, but the GLS600 glides over pretty much every piece of asphalt you can throw at it. Even with the gigantic 23-inch wheels, there’s plenty of tire sidewall, meaning big and small imperfections alike are ironed out before ever entering the cabin.
  • The sound system is unmatched. Our tester came equipped with the optional 27-speaker Burmester audio system, and it’s among the best I’ve ever used. There’s incredible depth to the sound, with lots of adjustment available. 
  • It has some serious presence. I think this comes down to, mostly, the color combo and the wheels. Sure, an all-black Maybach GLS600 has presence too, but this one practically screams at you from across the way, blinding you with its polished rims and ultra-chrome grille. And I love it.

What’s Bad So Far?

  • Touch-sensitive steering wheel controls. This isn’t so much a Maybach GLS problem as it is a Mercedes problem. But it needs to be addressed. Anyone who’s used the company’s latest touch-sensitive steering wheel buttons will know they’re difficult to deal with and offer inconsistent results—not the type of stuff you want to deal with while you’re driving.
  • Tons of modes and menus. The Maybach GLS is packed to the gills with useful features and lots of customizable drive modes, but getting to them involves an intricate knowledge of the the car’s menu system, which takes about a half-hour to get acquainted with. 

What do you want to know about the GLS600? We’ll have it for the next few days to answer your questions. Voice your inquiries in the comments section below. 

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