Watch Volvo EX30 Twin Motor Drag Race A Tesla Model Y Performance

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InsideEVs has been following the launch of the Volvo EX30 closely in recent months. The smallest electric offering from Volvo hits a sweet spot that many EV buyers are looking for right now. It’s a reasonably sized car with adequate charging speeds, an acceptable driving range and an affordable starting price. 

The EX30 doesn’t lead the pack in any category, and opinions are split on the Tesla-like, button-free cockpit. Still, it is a good all-rounder and has a decent chance of filling the Chevy Bolt EV-sized void left in the North American EV market. (For now.)

But unlike the Bolt family, the EX30 also offers a dual-motor high-performance variant. And in this trim, the little EX30 becomes the fastest production car Volvo has ever released. 

We previously saw this performance demonstrated in a drag race shared by E-Drive Sweden between the top trim EX30 Twin Motor Performance and a 2024 Tesla Model 3 Long Range (LR). The Volvo wiped the floor with the Tesla, finishing the quarter mile in just 12.5 seconds. 

But as we noted then, the previous race was not a fair matchup and the upcoming Model 3 Performance (or the current Model Y Performance) would make for better like-for-like comparisons. 

Well, E-Drive Sweden has returned to give us exactly that. In this video, the EX30 takes on the 2024 Model Y Performance. On paper, these two are very evenly matched with the Model Y clocking in at 3.5 seconds 0-60 mph facing off against the EX30’s 3.4 seconds.

Yet there are some interesting caveats for both vehicles. The Tesla’s listed 0-60 times are for a rolling start, meaning acceleration from standstill might be a tad slower. While the EX30 has been shown to have significant throttle lag, making it difficult to time off the line.

You’re able to see this at the start of the first race. The Model Y launched immediately from “Go” while the EX30 showed obvious hesitation. The Model Y pulled ahead, completing the first quarter mile in just 12.21 seconds. 

This was a pretty close race, however, and the EX30 was within spitting distance at the finish line. So did the Volvo make a comeback in the second run? 

Unfortunately, no. The EX30 was again delayed off the line and with both cars so closely matched, the Tesla is able to hold that lead. As the vehicles approached a quarter mile, the Volvo began to gain ground. But by then it was too late. 

Yet according to the times provided, once the Volvo actually started moving, it seems to have finished the second run in just 12.04 seconds, or 0.17 seconds faster than the Model Y’s first run.

According to the channel, the drivers swapped vehicles between races to ensure this issue wasn’t caused by driver error. Sure enough, both drivers experienced the same throttle lag.

What are your thoughts on the EX30 Twin Motor, and does it live up to your expectations? Let us know in the comments below. 

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