Vauxhall spreads the cost of EVs for customers with five-year PCPs

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Vauxhall became the latest carmaker to introduce incentives to boost sales of electric vehicles.

Vauxhall’s five-year PCP on electric models allows monthly payments to be spread over a longer period, helping to achieve monthly cost parity with a petrol variant of the same model on a four-year PCP.

It has launched new PCP offers with equivalent monthly payments between electric and petrol versions of New Corsa, Mokka and Astra, alongside an enhanced Plug & Go offer with the option of a free home wallbox to help make driving electric more accessible.

On a five-year PCP offer, New Corsa Electric is available from £280pcm, Mokka Electric from £286pcm and Astra Electric from £421pcm, the same monthly price as equivalent petrol versions over a four-year period.

Vauxhall said the prices do not include the savings that most EV drivers enjoy including a lower energy cost per mile, lower maintenance costs, and an exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty and congestion charging at the present time.

This also means that the electric Vauxhall special edition models, Corsa Electric YES Edition and Mokka Electric Griffin, are both cheaper per month with an equal deposit contribution than the equivalent petrol versions.

Corsa Electric YES Edition is available from £251pcm compared to £274 for the equivalent petrol variant. Mokka Electric Griffin is available from £286pcm compared to £318pcm for the petrol equivalent.

Vauxhall has also enhanced its Plug & Go offer, which includes access to a variety of charging solutions to help make electric mobility even easier. Available to those who buy their car online, the offer includes a free Ohme Pro wallbox installed by Octopus Energy. Alternatively, customers have the option to choose one year’s free charging credit* at Tesco or a £675 credit with Octopus Electroverse, instead of the free wallbox.



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