Updated 2025 Mercedes-Benz EQS Tones Down Looks And Goes Farther

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The Mercedes-Benz EQS’s smooth, ovoid shape may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the brand has put effort into making it even more competitive for 2025. A new grille, the return of a traditional Mercedes-Benz styling feature, and revised under-the-skin electric components should make the EQS fight that much harder in an increasingly competitive big luxury EV sedan market.

The most obvious change to the 2025 EQS, is its front grille and new Mercedes-Benz standing star logo. Of course, it still has the same black panel shape that’s inherent to the rest of the Mercedes-Benz EV lineup, but the grille’s insert now resembles the chrome-crosshaired versions we’ve seen on its gas-powered cars. The emblem is now mounted standing up, like other big sedans of the brand. The new EQS also has a standard AMG-line front bumper, further enhancing the car’s visual aesthetic.

The interior is mostly the same, meaning, EQS drivers will still have the dashboard-spanning Hyperscreen taking up most of the interior. But, there have been minor tweaks to make the car even more luxurious than before. Mercedes-Benz has added a bit more padding to the rear seats and enshrouded the B-pillar rear air vents in chrome. All EQSs now have a rear seat with adjustable recline, but the ones in Pinnacle trim and the Executive Interior Package allow the front passenger seat to fold, and increase the rear bench’s recline ability to a full 37 degrees, up from 27 to 36 degrees on the standard EQS. The Executive Interior Package also adds rapid heating, a pair of pillows, and neck and shoulder heating. 

Underneath, the battery is all new and has more energy. Mercedes-Benz claims the EQS is now rated for 118 kWh and can go farther, albeit it hasn’t shared the so-called updated range figures. The regenerative braking software has been recalibrated, too. The EQS now uses more regenerative braking, but will also periodically use its friction brakes so they can stay in good shape. 

The official range, pricing, and specifications specific to our market will come before the 2025 EQS reaches dealerships in late 2024.

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