UK electric hurdles reflected in contribution to global BEV sales

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Whether the UK breaks through with BEV sales to join higher performing countries will depend on supportive policy and the enabling infrastructure, according to New AutoMotive’s Global Electric Vehicle Tracker.

For the UK, challenges include investment in the battery supply chain and retaining confidence in the charging network – which according to New AutoMotive is the subject of exaggerated critcism as infrastructure is being installed at record rates.

Global BEV sales reached 10.35m over the past 12 months, a 35% increase when compared to the previous year.

Over 30% of these sales were BEVs in Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. Austria, Germany, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy – only just joined by the UK and Malta – came in with 15-20% market share.

Ben Nelmes, CEO of New AutoMotive, said: “Several European countries are on the cusp of more widespread EV adoption. It’s not just early adopters making the switch, and the key to maintaining that growth is ambitious government policy that makes it easier and cheaper for people to make the switch.

“Despite the success, EVs remain out of reach for too many, and too many consumers are deterred from switching by misperceptions and misinformation about electric vehicles. It is notable that, despite some recent headlines, sales of fully electric cars are growing faster than hybrids.”

The top 10 BEV manufacturers in the UK, by current 12 month period sales, are Tesla (49,845 sold), MG (30,426), BMW (28,091), Audi (22,978), VW (22,320), Mercedes-Benz (20,709), Kia (16,311), Hyundai (12,632), Vauxhall (12,333), Polestar (11,049).

Many eastern European countries are catching up with the UK and much of Northern and Central Europe has already surpassed the UK.

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