This Corvette Has Been Driven 844 Miles Since New. Now You Can Own It

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Low-mileage Corvettes are a dime a dozen, but this one is especially enticing. It’s a 2002 C5-generation coupe that’s been sitting undriven for over two decades, showing just 844 miles on the clock. And you can own it.

Listed for sale on the “Low Miles No Miles” Facebook group, this Corvette was driven normally the week it was purchased then subsequently placed into climate-controlled storage, according to the seller. It’s been treated to regular starts and fuel treatments to keep internals healthy.

The seller claims this Corvette has never been washed, and going by the thick layer of dust sitting atop the car in the listing photos, we’re inclined to believe them. In typical Corvette owner fashion, the seller notes this C5 is one of three built in 2002 painted Electron Blue with a red torch interior. Not entirely special or rare by Corvette standards, but not a boring combo, either.

2002 Corvette with 844 miles in a garage covered in dust 5
2002 Corvette with 844 miles in a garage covered in dust 9

The tires are the 22-year-old originals, which the seller claims are free of cracks or dry rot. A lack of use and a climate-controlled setting might slow the decay of rubber, but after this long, we’re not sure how much we trust that assessment. That didn’t stop the seller from driving this Corvette 20 miles before publishing the listing to ensure the car was still in good working order.

This Corvette cost $47,425 back when it was purchased new in 2002. The seller is now asking $40,000 for the car today, representing roughly $337 in depreciation per year. Pretty good by Corvette standards, but once you realize the owner never got to enjoy the car, that savings becomes a bit less appealing.

The new owner will be happy to hear this Corvette comes included with an extra glass T-Top, which has been sitting unused in its original plastic wrapping since new. We’d recommend a full recommissioning of the car before actually driving it on the road, though. Those tires need to be replaced immediately, and we suspect all of the fluids are due for a swap.

Would you pay $40,000 for this virtually new C5? Let us know in the comments below.

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