The New Dodge Charger Could Get Pagani-Style Active Aero Flaps

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Dodge engineers have thought about adding active aerodynamics to the next-generation Charger. A new patent filing from FCA US details an airfoil system integrated into the R-Wing at the hood’s leading edge. The automaker designed it to reduce drag and front-end lift, though it’s unclear if the feature will actually make production.

The wing, supported by a central stanchion, helps direct the air over the vehicle. The new aerodynamic system shown in the patent adds active flaps to the equation, adjusting airflow as needed. It’s not a new idea, as cars like the Pagani Huayra and Ferrari 12Cilindri feature similar technology.

The flaps can move as one unit or independently of each other, allowing the system to assist during braking or in certain driving conditions such as high-speed cornering. They can work with the Charger’s suspension system and change their angle based on the drive mode, vehicle speed, and environmental conditions, such as the ambient temperature. Or the driver can set them manually.

Dodge has a lot to prove with the new Charger. The lack of a Hemi V-8 engine won’t please enthusiasts, nor will the choice of a battery-electric option. It appears the brand is serious about the car’s performance capabilities, however, if it’s designing active aerodynamics for the model.

We know Dodge is preparing the Banshee variant with 800-volt architecture, but it won’t arrive until next year. It’d be the perfect candidate for such an aerodynamic system if the Banshee is the model’s ultimate form. The most potent Charger Daytona EV delivers 670 horsepower, so something above it could use as much aerodynamic help as possible on the track.

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