The New Bricklin Is Real and It Looks Questionable

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The car you see here bears little resemblance to the iconic Bricklin SV-1 from the 1970s. Both have two seats and unconventional doors, and both have Bricklin branding. Beyond that, the bold-faced Bricklin 3EV you see here is in a class by itself … for better or worse.

There is one other similarity between this Bricklin and its forerunner. Both are real. Visionary Vehicles is the company making the new car, which first appeared back in 2020 as a rendering. Frankly, we see renderings of proposed cars on a almost weekly basis, many of which never make it past the idea phase. So imagine our surprise when we came upon videos posted to the Visionary Vehicles website showing a 3EV prototype in action.

Details are still thin, but we know it’s a three-wheeled EV utilizing body-on-frame construction with the battery pack centrally mounted between the frame rails. Power output is unknown, but the website promises “superb performance” along with a “luxurious driving experience.” Diagrams from the company appear to show a single electric motor at the front, with the mid-mount battery giving the car favorable weight distribution. A range of 275-plus miles is mentioned, but specifics regarding charging speeds, vehicle weight, or the powertrain are unknown.

Bricklin 3EV
Bricklin 3EV

The 3EV is “engineered by race car designers” per the Visionary Vehicles website. Panoz Engineering is name-dropped, with MTV Concepts and Mike Vetter getting a mention for prototype fabrication. Andreas Haase is also listed for the styling, which certainly doesn’t look like anything else on the road.

The tall face and dual grilles makes the BMW 4 Series snout look small. The squarish lines at the front give way to flowing fastback shapes at the rear, though the lack of wheel arches takes some getting used to.

Bricklin 3EV

This new Bricklin isn’t just a rolling mock-up, though. We’re shown a full interior with a digital cockpit not unlike something we’d expect from Mercedes-Benz. The entirety of the dash and console light up, with a dedicated infotainment screen in the middle for vehicle functions. The website mentions features like a heads-up display, power heated seats, over-the-air updates, and other common items found in modern cars. Cutting-edge equipment like anti-lock brakes and traction control are also mentioned, so we suspect the 3EV could be sparse with regard to driver-assist systems.

It should be sparse on your bank account, too. Visionary Vehicles says the 3EV will have a starting price of $28,980. An upgraded version called the 3EVX will start at $38,980, but there’s an obvious catch: There’s no mention of when production might begin. For that matter, there’s no mention of a development timeline, pre-orders, or exactly where buyers can get one.

But a functioning prototype is a big step towards production. Whether it actually happens remains to be seen. Color us cautiously optimistic.

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