The New BMW M5 Looks Mean as Hell in This Design Sketch

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A new M5 doesn’t come often, so when BMW is about to launch a new generation, it wants to build up hype. The latest teaser video is mostly about camouflaged prototypes, but we noticed a design sketch that did away with the disguise. Judging by the absence of roof rails, we’re likely looking at the sedan. That makes sense since it’s coming out before the wagon.

In typical M fashion, it has bulging fenders that are notably wider than those of a regular 5 Series sedan. Eagle-eyed viewers will also notice the carbon fiber side mirror caps in the M-specific design. That copper paint job isn’t necessarily our cup of tea but we’re sure there will be plenty of regular and pricy Individual colors available.

While the smaller M3 has been criticized for its overly tall retro-inspired grille, the next M5 (codenamed G90) has relatively normal-sized kidneys. The shape reminds us of BMW’s modern 3.0 CSL but the grille has a flatter design since it doesn’t extend as much downward as on the coupe. It appears to have horizontal slats whereas the old M5 (F90) had vertical bars.

The visible air intake looks surprisingly small, unless we’re looking at an air curtain. Bear in mind this is a sketch so it might not be fully indicative of the production design. The spy shots of the M5 Touring (G99) attached at the bottom show a different design for the bumper. We reckon the sedan will have a virtually identical front design, with changes occurring from the B-pillar to the rear.

There’s not much to see in the design sketch at the back of the M5, except for the vertical red reflector and one of the four exhaust tips. One key detail not visible in the teaser is the charging port on the front fender. The next generation of Bavaria’s super sedan/wagon will be a plug-in hybrid. It’ll inherit the XM’s hardware by combining the twin-turbo, 4.4-liter V-8 engine with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack.

We don’t think the M5 will have identical technical specifications. Rumor has it the combined output will reach 718 horsepower. That would be more than the regular XM but less than the XM Label. The unconfirmed battery capacity of 18.6 kWh would be less than the 25.7 kWh offered by the immensely controversial SUV. BMW CEO Oliver Zipse has already revealed the car will have an electric range of 43 miles, presumably in the WLTP cycle. Expect a lower EPA figure for the M5 coming to the United States.

Take this curb weight figure with the proverbial pinch of salt but a reputable BMW insider from the Bimmer Post forums claims the new M5 tips the scales at 5,368 pounds. It’s likely for the European version, but the equivalent US model can’t be that much different. The old M5 weighed 4,345 lbs and a lower 4,114 lbs for the limited-run CS special edition. A weight penalty is definitely coming for the G90 given the extra hardware commanded by the plug-in hybrid setup.

For the first time ever, BMW will have an M wagon in the US. We didn’t get the rare E34 or the E61 with its naturally aspirated V10. In addition, the M3 Touring (G81) isn’t sold here either. The sedan will be unveiled first, possibly in the coming weeks. The more practical body style is going to premiere several months from now.

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