The $24,999 Fisker Ocean Might Not Actually Exist

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Fisker dropped a bombshell when it announced significant price cuts for the 2023 Ocean. The entry-level Ocean Sport with a $24,999 starting MSRP (not including destination) makes it the cheapest electric vehicle in the United States. But after considerable searching and a conversation with Classic Fisker in Atlanta—the only dealership listed on the company’s website—we found a problem. It seems this ultra-cheap luxury SUV doesn’t exist. Furthermore, the midrange Ocean Ultra at $34,999 might be a fairy tale, too.

Fisker has not returned multiple requests for comment, and we spent 20 minutes listening to Fisker’s hold music while seeking a sales consultation. As a last-ditch effort, we sent an email request for 2023 Ocean Sport information through the company’s website, and haven’t received a reply. However, even with communication roadblocks and the potential for a Fisker bankruptcy, a $25,000 Ocean is still tempting.

The only success we had in getting information came from speaking to a specialist at Classic Fisker. He didn’t mince words about the $25,000 Ocean Sport.

“I would caution you and other customers—Sports don’t exist right now,” he said. “The $25,000 Sports, they’re not even here in the US right now. The Ultras at $35,000, they don’t exist in the US right now.”

There is a caveat to the Ocean Ultra. The specialist did say Fisker had Ultras in the national inventory, but they all had some level of options that raised the price considerably. And if 2023 Sports do end up arriving in the US now, in 2024, they’d likely be through the Port of Baltimore, which is currently impacted by the collapse of the Key Bridge.

Fisker Ocean Production Model

“The base MSRP is not reflective of the optioned MSRP,” he explained. “When you look at this sitting inventory, there are no base Ultras available.”

This conflicts with Fisker’s press release on the price drop for 2023 models, which states some vehicles “come equipped with as much as $7,000 worth of additional options—such as colors, 22-inch wheels, interiors, and other options—included in the discounted price.” But in the fine print, Fisker also states that “pricing is subject to change and will be based on your final vehicle configuration.”

So, what should you do if you still want to roll the dice on a discounted 2023 Ocean? For starters, forget dreams of an ultra-cheap luxury SUV and aim towards an optioned-up Ultra or an Extreme, which gets the biggest price cut of the bunch at $37,499. Based on what the specialist at Classic Fisker told us, that price could also be a pipe dream depending on the options installed. But, there are Oceans available—roughly 1,000 to 1,500 according to the dealership.

“We’re here to service customers in the state of Georgia, obviously we’ll address customers that want to call us from all over the country and do our best to help,” he told us. “If you’re out of state and want to purchase a car, you’re welcome to contact Fisker directly, which is what the majority of customers are doing, and you can purchase any of the available inventory.”

If Fisker corporate responds to our requests for comment, we’ll update this story.

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