Tesla Launches Cybertruck-Inspired CyberHammer

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It should come as no surprise to longtime followers of Tesla that the automaker has, once again, done something extraordinarily goofy. But then again, we’re here talking about it, so maybe the joke’s on us. 

Behold, the CyberHammer. The electric automaker on Thursday said it will make 800 Cybertruck-inspired sledgehammers available through its referral program. Tesla said it would release the hammers in small batches, apparently so that customers with tons of credits don’t snatch them all up in a day. 

Some background for if you’re new around here: This is all a reference to the reveal event for Tesla’s angular, apocalyptic pickup truck, which happened in November 2019. To demonstrate the strength of the Cybertruck’s stainless-steel body, Tesla chief designer Franz von Holzhausen bashed its door with a sledgehammer. 


It bounced right off, leaving no discernible dent. Famously, von Holzhausen then tossed a metal ball at the truck’s windows. That didn’t go so well. This is why the CyberHammer bears the word “FRANZ” on it. Whether that’s an actual autograph or a decal is unclear. The matte-black hammer matches the wrap on Holzhausen’s Cybertruck. 

Tesla’s referral program provides owners codes they can give to friends. When someone buys a Tesla with an owner’s code, the owner gets credits that are redeemable for various awards. Currently, the program includes things like free Supercharging and Tesla merch.


While Tesla famously doesn’t do much traditional marketing or advertising, it is very adept at getting owners and fans excited about the brand. One way it does that is through limited-edition knick knacks like the CyberHammer. 

In the past, Elon Musk’s company has sold short shorts (a dig at those betting against Tesla’s stock), a Tesla-branded tequila and a slew of Cybertruck-related paraphernalia. That includes a $50 stainless-steel bottle opener (named the CyberOpener, naturally), bottles of CyberBeer and CyberSteins from which to drink it. 

Since the Cybertruck went on sale in November, owners have put Tesla’s claims about the truck’s resilience to the test. They’ve shot their pickups with machine guns and bashed them with bats, often for social media clout. 

So stay tuned for videos of people bonking their Cybertrucks with CyberHammers while CyberTrashed on CyberBeer. 

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