Tesla Cybertruck Gets Sideswiped At High Speed, Suffers Minimal Damage

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The Tesla Cybertruck’s body is made out of thick, stamped stainless steel, which can inflict a lot of damage on another vehicle in the event of an accident. Bumping into a Cybertruck is not like bumping into any other vehicle whose body panels are made out of thinner metal that buckles and has more give—it will leave a Cybertruck-shaped dent in the other vehicle.

The driver of this Ford Mustang convertible found out the hard way when he miscalculated a lane change on the highway and slammed into the side of a Cybertruck driven by the owner of a YouTube channel called The Megawatts. The Mustang had clearly been crashed before (probably more than once, by the looks of it), and even after hitting the Cybertruck, its driver decided to keep on driving and then disappeared through traffic.

It’s clear that the contact with the Cybertruck buckled its door and rear fender, and the truck’s spinning tire left a black circular impression on the side of the vehicle. The footage captured by the Cybertruck’s exterior cameras shows that even though the Mustang carried some force when its driver tried to change lanes, the much heavier Cybertruck’s course was not altered at all.

After showing the crash from a couple of angles and then the Mustang speeding away, the video then shifts to analyzing the post-crash damage. As expected, given the nature of the impact and the other vehicle involved, there appear to be no dents on the Cybertruck, and the visible scratches are its paint protection film that has taken damage. Some scratches may become visible once the paint protection film is removed, but not much more than that.

Other accidents we’ve seen involving Cybertrucks also saw the other vehicle faring much worse. When a Dodge Ram rear-ended a Cybertruck in late February, its front fascia was completely destroyed, while the Tesla’s metal body didn’t appear to have suffered any major dents in the metal.

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