Tesla Cybertruck gains Off-Road modes, locker-enabling software

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The Tesla Cybertruck is getting new software features to improve off-road performance, potentially helping turn the electric pickup into the more trail-ready vehicle some owners seem to want.

According to the official Cybertruck account on X (formerly Twitter), the social media network owned by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the pickup will soon get an Off-Road Mode bundling a number of features that aim to add capability without changing any hardware. 

Overland Mode and Baja Mode alter vehicle characteristics for different terrain, much like the off-road drive modes already available from several manufacturers. Overland Mode is designed for maximizing traction on rock, gravel, deep snow, or sand, while Baja Mode dials back stability control for more lively handling on loose surfaces. Also new is Trail Assist holds the vehicle at a set speed, including on both hill ascents and descents.

Dual-motor all-wheel drive Cybertrucks will also soon be able to actually engage their front and rear locking differentials thanks to the software update. The tri-motor Cyberbeast will also be able to do this with the front locking differential, but it will simulate a rear locker via software with the two rear motors. 

Tesla Cybertruck

A Slippery Surface mode will also temporarily lock the rear differential on dual-motor trucks (virtually simulated on tri-motor trucks) if traction is particularly bad on pavement. New programming for the Cybertruck’s adaptive suspension will also allow it to measure payloads more accurately and adjust to compensate. And Tesla is also adding a self-leveling feature to the suspension for camping, similar to what Rivian pushed to its R1 models in a previous software update.

Tesla is also in the midst of a Cybertruck recall to address pedal trim pieces that could slip off and jam the accelerator, causing unintended acceleration. That recall applied to less than 4,000 vehicles, indicating few Cybertrucks have actually been delivered.

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