Pininfarina reveals Battista and B95 inspired by Bruce Wayne

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Bruce Wayne isn’t real, but if he was and he just so happened to commission an electric hypercar from Pininfarina, it might have looked like one of the latest special editions revealed by the Italian performance EV brand on Tuesday.

The special editions are based on Pininfarina’s Battista and B95 models, and come in Gotham and Dark Knight flavors. The Gotham cars are meant to reflect the styling and sophistication of the DC-created character, while the Dark Knight reflects his alter ego.

The cars feature various color combinations inside and out, and each comes with a stylized W matching the Wayne Enterprises logo from the comic world, located between the seats and on the side skirts and roof. The logo is also featured in the infotainment system, together with an instruction voice inspired by Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler and assistant, Alfred Pennyworth.

Other unique touches include new glass panels in the roof of the Battista cars, plus small fins at the rear and new vents in the fenders designed to improve air flow around the sides of the vehicle and to the rear air brake.

The wheels on each of the special editions measure 20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear, and come with center locks.

No mechanical changes were made to any of the cars. Both the Battista and B95 use a dedicated EV platform sourced from Rimac. It features a T-shaped battery with a capacity of 120 kwh, plus four independent motors delivering a combined 1,874 hp. Owners of the Italian hypercars can expect 0-60 mph times of less than two seconds and top speeds of more than 186 mph.

Pininfarina hasn’t said how many examples of the Gotham and Dark Knight special editions will be built, though the company confirmed the cars will be available for purchase exclusively through the website The website is for the new retail brand Wayne Enterprises, which was developed by Warner Bros and takes inspiration from the Wayne Enterprises empire created by DC.

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