Number of EVs on UK roads will increase to 1.24m in 2024

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The number of electric cars in the UK will increase by 24% to 1.24m by the end of this year, according to New AutoMotive’s State of the Switch report.

This research suggests that if manufacturers are meeting the sales targets set out by the Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) Mandate, the number of EVs could even rise to 1.3m. The mandate may lower the price of some mass market EVs by up to £10k.

Ben Nelmes, CEO of New AutoMotive, said: “Reports of the demise of EVs are wildly overstated. With EV registrations at record levels, EV chargers rolling out at a rapid pace, and the ZEV mandate in full force – it’s clear we’re now in the midst of the EV revolution.

“We still have hurdles to overcome – EV misinformation is rife, and it’s now up to government and industry to dispel common EV myths and highlight the cost benefits of going electric with comparison tools.”

While some factors, such as the 30 to 80% cheaper cost per mile on EVs, have encouraged uptake, more needs to be done to accelerate the switch to electric.

New AutoMotive’s report encourages the launch of a government backed calculator to help drivers work out the savings that come with switching to electric.

Nelmes added: “The price of public EV charging needs to come down to match home tariffs, and through simple policy changes we can make charging more affordable for all – not just those with off-street parking.

“Despite these setbacks, the direction of travel has been set. The UK should be proud of its world-leading EV policy, and if the recommendations outlined in our report are implemented, I’m confident we’ll see even more good news for the country’s EV transition.”

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