Nissan Techs Are Making House Calls to Teach Owners How to Use Their Cars

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In case you haven’t noticed, modern vehicles are packed with features and technology. Even the Nissan Versa—the cheapest new car in the United States—has a 7-inch touchscreen with voice controls and buttons all over the steering wheel. Step up to something like the Ariya and there’s even more to suss out. The basics are usually straightforward, but figuring out all the tech can be intimidating. Nissan wants to change that.

The automaker is launching a new program called Second Delivery. It’s essentially a no-cost follow-up visit for people who buy a new Nissan, designed to help them learn just what their car can do. A Nissan “tech expect” will coordinate a time and place to meet the owner, generally two weeks after the first delivery. That can be at the owner’s home, work, a lunch stop at the local Starbucks, or the dealership where it all began. The expert will take the owner through all the vehicle’s systems, step-by-step.

Such things are generally done during the normal delivery process, but the idea here is to give owners some time to acclimate to their new car before diving deeper. Details can also be missed during the big day, as owners are often excited to get on the road with their spanking-new ride. Listening to a salesperson prattle on about automatic headlight functions or adjusting climate settings through your phone may not stick the first time around.

“Now more than ever, customers expect a personalized experience that matches their wants and needs,” said Dan Mohnke, Nissan VP of eCommerce and customer experience. “These types of experiences are extremely important for us to offer for our Ariya customers, who are largely new to the Nissan brand and interested in using all of the latest technology.”

For now, Second Delivery is only offered on the Ariya, presumably because it’s Nissan’s most technologically demanding vehicle. The service “is expected to expand” later in 2024 to the Rogue and Leaf.

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