New Genesis Neolun concept may signal future full-size SUV

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Genesis will use the 2024 New York auto show on this week to present an electric full-size SUV concept called the Neolun.

The automaker is known to be working on just such a vehicle, which is thought to carry the GV90 name into production, and the Neolun may be a taste of what’s to come. Prototypes have already been spotted ahead of a market launch likely sometime next year.

The Neolun name is a portmanteau of the Greek neo and Latin luna, which translates to “new moon.” It’s meant to signify Genesis’ aim of delivering technological innovation in its future vehicles.

The concept features clean surfaces marked only by light bars representing head and taillights, plus a few character lines. Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke calls it reductive design, a process, he said, that purposely “eliminates any unnecessary details.” Things like roof racks and side steps are all tucked away inside the body and extend out when required.

Genesis Neolun Concept – 2024 New York Auto Show

The design even eliminates the B-pillars. Access to the cabin is via a pair of coach-style doors, similar to what you’ll find on a Rolls-Royce, as well as the former Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition, and opening these doors on the Neolun concept reveals a large entry point with ample access to four individual seats.

The interior design, in the traditional style of concepts, is likely too wild to make production, but there are elements we may see in future Genesis models. These include the digital gauge cluster likely being replaced by a head-up display and perhaps a small screen on the steering wheel. The vehicle also features a radiant heating system where surfaces like the dash, floors, door linings, and more are used to warm the cabin instead of relying on the conventional method of blowing warm air. Premium materials like cashmere, soft leather, and real wood trim complete the cabin.

While the concept’s four seats, split over two rows, may be an option on any future production model, the standard setup will likely be three rows of seats. Interestingly, Genesis has indicated that the coach doors might make production. The automaker said the design has been developed to the point where production would be “feasible.”

The New York auto show opens its doors to the media on Wednesday, and Genesis will also use the event to launch a performance sub-brand called Magma. The automaker plans to offer a Magma version of every vehicle in its lineup, including potentially the full-size SUV.

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