Most profitable car from Carwow’s Q1 auctions revealed

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The Lotus Emira is the most profitable used vehicle of Carwow’s daily auctions during Q1 2024, according to the Carwow Profit Potential report.

The 13 Emira lots that found trade buyers had an average resale margin of £11,928 vs cap Retail.

Land Rover had three entries in the top 10, taking second place with the Range Rover Sport, with an average profit margin of £5,785. In third place was the Audi Q8 (£4,358), y the BMW M4 was fourth (£4,111) and the Land Rover Discovery (£3,917) was fifth place.

Sally Foote, Carwow’s CCO – Sell My Car, said: “It’s great to have a sports car top the Q1 list, highlighting the diversity of our available stock. We’re seeing well over 1,000 cars go through our online auctions every day, as well as strong demand from dealers in terms of bids.

“Although it’s a niche model, dealers have already acquired 13 Lotus Emiras via our auction platform this quarter, with potential profit three times the value of the model in tenth place.”

Towards the end of the list were the Audi Q7 in fifth place (£3,848), the Volkswagen Golf-R (£3,582), the Ford Mustang (£3,582), the Jaguar E-Pace (£3,337) and in tenth place the Land Rover Range Rover Sport 2020 (£3,316).

Since Carwow launched its stock acquisition service in 2021, it has added 135,000 used vehicles to dealer forecourts, worth a combined value of over £1.8 billion.

Foote added: “Our innovative new BuySafe scheme allows signed-up dealers to request repairs, should an issue arise, after purchasing via any Carwow auction.

“This greatly reduces risk to dealers and maximises profit when the car is subsequently sold. It’s the first of many exciting initiatives we have planned this year.”

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