Mercedes-Benz Trucks Successfully Test 1,000 kW EV Charging

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Mercedes-Benz Trucks completed its first successful test of 1,000 kW (one megawatt) fast charging using the newly defined Megawatt Charging System (MCS) standard.

The company’s developers were testing the MCS for its Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 semi-truck prototype. This model was presented last year and will enter production for the European market in 2024.

As we can see in the photo below, the vehicle was receiving 1,001.1 kW at 22% state-of-charge (SOC). The charger pushed 1,242 amps at 806 volts to achieve such a level.

The Mercedes-Benz eActros 600 semi is equipped with a 621-kilowatt-hour battery and offers up to 311 miles (500 km) of range.

Initially, the vehicle will be equipped with the CCS2 charging inlet (the same type as in cars) rated at 400 kilowatts. The MCS charging option for one megawatt charging will be available later—”Customers can order a pre-installation for this. MCS technology is to be retrofittable for these models,” the company says.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks developers test electric charging at 1,000 kilowatts
Mercedes-Benz Trucks developers test electric charging at 1,000 kilowatts

While the MCS standard has been defined, the manufacturers are still refining their physical implementation for series production: “Going forward, the work of development engineers at Mercedes-Benz Trucks involves further trialing of the communications interface between vehicle and charging station, defined as part of MCS standardization, and ongoing development of prototype components to series maturity.”

Siemens provided the DC fast charging solution for the test. Siemens is also refining its products to attract as many orders as possible.

Once the MCS standard takes off in the next few years, there will be a huge rush to build DC fast charging infrastructure for electric trucks, buses and other vehicles.

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