Mercedes-Benz G580 With EQ Technology: A Quad-Motor Electric Off-Roader With Old School Vibes

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When it came time for Mercedes-Benz to turn the iconic G-Class SUV into an electric vehicle, certain voices within the company suggested it become smoother, more streamlined, less brick-like in shape, all for the sake of efficiency. Those voices were met with a clear and decisive response: “No.” 

Meet what used to be called the Mercedes-Benz EGQ, and is now officially named the 2025 Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology instead. It’s a fancy and somewhat convoluted name for something relatively simple in concept: a G-Class SUV that’s powered by batteries and not a diesel or gasoline engine. And though it doesn’t look that way on the surface, it represents the most radical change in the Geländewagen’s entire history.

“Throughout its more than 45-year history, the G-Class has always used the most modern drive technology available,” Mercedes board member Markus Shäfer said in a news release. “So, it’s entirely fitting that the innovative drive concept with four individually controlled electric motors once again raises the legendary performance of our off-road icon to a new level.” 

Indeed, the word “icon” comes up quite a bit when Mercedes talks about this EV; clearly, the automaker didn’t want to mess with a design that hasn’t changed much since its debut in 1979.

Then again, who would really want a G-Class that doesn’t look like it’s about to be deployed to some global hot zone? Even if the luxury SUV is now ultra-popular with Russian gangsters, petrostate nepo babies and Instagram influencers, it just isn’t the same without that military truck vibe.

Mercedes G580 With EQ Technology

A Big Battery, Four Motors And Tons Of Torque

The twin-turbocharged V8 engine that served as the hallmark of the G-Class in recent years is a tough act to follow. In its place, Mercedes has packed a relatively large 116-kWh lithium-ion battery into the steel ladder frame of the truck. That’s protected by a mix of materials, including carbon, to keep your next off-roading excursion lithium-ion battery fire-free, at least hopefully. 

Mercedes G580 With EQ Technology

The battery powers four independently controlled electric motors located near the wheels, which deliver a collective 579 horsepower and 859 lb-ft of torque. Its EPA-estimated electric range has not been released yet. But we know that power is enough to propel the hefty electric G-Class (the weight also remains undisclosed) from a stop to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds. 

The G with EQ Technology—maybe we’ll stick to EQG for brevity’s sake—can also undergo DC fast charging at a respectable 200 kW rate. That allows it to charge from 10% to 80% in 32 minutes, according to Mercedes, which is not as good as some new contenders but isn’t too far off the rest of the truck pack these days. 

Mercedes G580 With EQ Technology

Like other EQ models, the electric G-Class adds Navigation with Electric Intelligence, which provides on-the-fly adjustments to your charging needs based on traffic, road hazards, the overall route, topography and more. It can alert you to a charging station when you’ll need it, and then find a good one near you. I have used this system on other electric Benzes and it is indeed one of the smarter ones on the market today, and a welcome addition to the G-Class.

Other than that, visually, little is different between the EQG and the fossil fuel-powered G-Class. The hood is raised slightly on the electric SUV, flared rear wheel arches with “air curtains”, new A-pillar cladding and the lack of exhaust pipes give it away.

Mercedes G580 With EQ Technology

There’s also the unique rectangular Design Box on the rear door, which allows for stowage of things like charging cables (detachable ones are the norm in Europe) or snow chains. 

But it’s clear that Mercedes didn’t just shove some batteries into the G-Class and call it a day. 

Off-Road Goodies And A Much More Modern Interior

But even if few of them get driven this way—the G-Class’ biggest market is Miami—these SUVs still have to be off-road-capable. And the electric G doesn’t seem to disappoint on that front.

Mercedes G580 With EQ Technology

Features include a “low-range” off-road gear reduction, the G-Turn rotation function, a G-Steering trick that reduces the turning circle in off-pavement situations and is good for speeds up to 15 mph, and variable speeds and settings for “intelligent” hill ascent and descent. And like the gas-powered G-Class, this EV also gets Mercedes’ “transparent hood” tech that provides a visualized view of what’s under the front of the car, to better navigate those tricky off-road situations. 

Mercedes G580 With EQ Technology

And since it has no “engine” in need of oxygen, the electric G-Class is actually a better off-roader in some ways than its gas-powered counterparts. Its fording depth is rated at 33.5 inches, higher than the G 550 and AMG G63, and it can also climb up to a 100 percent grade on suitable surfaces. Mercedes lists says the EQG is capable of a 32-degree approach angle, 30.7-degree departure angle and 20.3-degree breakover angle, and it has 9.8 inches of ground clearance between the axles.

Mercedes G580 With EQ Technology

On the inside, this G-Class is pretty far from a ’70s military truck. Screens abound, including a 12.3-inch driver display and 12.3-inch central multimedia display. And if the owner checks the box for it, passengers can watch movies and browse the internet with two integrated 11.6-inch touch displays for the back seat. 

Add in the “G-ROAR” feature that creates different combustion engine-like sounds, 64 colors for ambient lighting and a special digital cockpit for off-roading, and yes, it’s a clear a lot is going on here.

Will People Buy It?

As silly as it is, people love the G-Class; Mercedes has only seen its sales skyrocket upward in recent years, especially the go-fast AMG models. But will those buyers be down to trade their thundering V8 engines for electric power? 

If they do, the Edition One Special Edition will be exclusive to the U.S. as a 2025 model year car. It arrives at dealerships in the second half of 2024; pricing will likely be announced closer to its launch.

In the meantime, InsideEVs is due to drive the G580 with EQ Technology next week. We’ll let you know if this battery-powered beast can live up to the legend or not. 

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