Lucid Offering Almost $30,000 Off Airs In Its Inventory

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It looks like Tesla isn’t the only EV maker looking to clear its stockpile of vehicles by offering very attractive discounts. Lucid is doing the same, and you can get one of its Air sedans for nearly $30,000 off the list price by combining several types of credit offered by the manufacturer until the end of April.

According to CarsDirect, Lucid is offering different discounts depending on the flavor of Air you want to buy from its inventory. All trims get a $5,000 On-Site Vehicle Bonus, but in Los Angeles (all the best deals always seem to be in California), you can reportedly get an Air Grand Touring with an additional $15,000 Air Credit off as well as a $9,650 Pro Credit.

Adding all three discounts together, we get a combined discount of $29,650, although this may not apply to all Air variants. For the base Air Pure, for instance, the Air Credit is $12,500, while the Pro Credit is $2,900. For an Air Pure with some options that costs $79,000, its price should theoretically fall below the $60,000 mark if the On-Site Vehicle Bonus also applies to it. That is a fantastic deal for a brand new Air, which even in Pure trim offers up to 419 miles of range and hits 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

The one caveat of these credits seems to be that they only apply to vehicles equipped with DreamDrive Pro and Surreal Sound Pro, and you can’t custom-order your vehicle—it has to be one that Lucid already has in stock. Lucid is also offering great lease deals with an APR (annual percentage rate) as low as 2.99% for a 72-month plan, which is below the industry average (7.18% in 2023), and it should make the Air more attractive to more potential buyers.

While Tesla made headlines with its big Model Y discount recently, another EV maker that also recently announced huge discounts is the troubled Fisker. It dropped its price by up to $24,000 for the top version of its Ocean electric crossover. The cheapest Ocean carries an MSRP of just $24,999, which means it’s the most affordable EV on sale in the US now that the Chevrolet Bolt has been discontinued; it undercuts the next cheapest EV, the Nissan Leaf, by about $3,000.

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