Listings surge of 30% for EVs on Dealer Auction

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Trade-to-trade listings of Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs) have risen 30% this year, according to Dealer Auction’s new EV Performance Review (EVPR).

The EVPR also shows that the number of AFVs sold has increased by 47% when comparing the period January to April to the previous full four months.

Although combined AFV listings and sales increased, the number of hybrid listings fell by 7% while sales rose by 22%.

In terms of year-to-date bidding activity, ad views for EVs and hybrids rose 11% while bids received rose by over 15%.

Small dealer-to-dealer sales of EVs have increased at just 0.23%, 0.71% for hybrids. The number of diesels sold fell by 2.4%.

Kieran TeeBoon, Dealer Auction’s marketplace director, said: “The slide in the number of diesel vehicles sold is notable and reflects their obliteration from the new car market.

“But despite falling out of favour in urban areas, used diesel retains a loyal following outside of cities and with people covering huge mileages or where towing is essential.”

Average sold price of EVs and hybrids on Dealer Auction between 1st January and 30th April fell by 4.5% (£13,609) while average age increased by 11% (nearly five years) and average mileage rose by over 3% to 40,315 miles.

TeeBoon said: “The profile of the EVs and hybrids we’ve seen so far this year makes me wonder if dealers are increasingly hanging on to any younger models traded in instead of pushing them out for a trade sale.

“Used EVs, in particular, represent great value versus their new price while hybrids are the natural replacement for buyers not ready to jump fully into electric, and this could be influencing stock decisions.”

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