Listening to This Ferrari F355 Carve a Forest Road is Automotive Heaven

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Let’s step back in time just a bit. Before the Ferrari 296 GTB, the 488, or even the 360, there was the F355. Some might say it’s an overlooked gem in Ferrari’s history. This five-minute video reminds us it should never be forgotten.

The F355 was Ferrari’s sendoff to the 20th century. Built from 1995 through 1999, it was an analog car on the cusp of the digital future. Its 3.5-liter V-8 was the company’s first five-valve engine, producing 375 horsepower while spinning to an 8,500-rpm redline. A six-speed manual transmission managed the power, at least initially. In 1997 Ferrari offered its paddle-shift six-speed F1 gearbox for the first time, marking the beginning of the end for the iconic gated manual.

But there are no flappy paddles in this video. The crew at Issimi Official spent time in a stick-shift F355, carving up roads in the Redwood forests of California. The action begins with the engine echoing through the countryside, followed by a photoshoot. And then comes the drive, presented without extraneous content. No need to overdub music when the engine sounds this good.

It’s also worth noting this F355 is no garage queen. Look closely and you’ll see this F355 shows some wear. Black paint is rubbed off in spots on the console. We spot the occasional stone chip on the front clip. And the odometer shows 22,803 miles. It’s not a high number. But in a world where supercars are sampled for a few hundred miles and then parked in a climate-controlled garage, it’s nice to see one living its best life.

So sit back, turn the speakers up, and enjoy the sounds of a 25-year-old Ferrari V-8. You’ve earned it.

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