Listen to This BMW 2002 Hillclimb Car Rev All the Way to 10,800 RPM

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Hillclimb racing might just be the coolest form of racing on the planet. Where else can you find street cars transformed into hardcore racing machines flying up a mountain pass with next to zero runoff? It’s a truly hardcore form of motorsport, one that requires the cars be as extreme as possible. This old BMW is a perfect example. 

This vintage BMW 2002 started off life as a street car, but it’s since been given a huge helping of upgrades in the name of speed. A wide-body kit with a gigantic splitter and a huge wing surround the once-narrow frame, while modern KW suspension and ultra-wide rubber help to keep the car stuck to the road.

The biggest upgrade hides under the hood, though. Gone is the original four-cylinder, replaced by a BMW M12/7 race engine. Based on the road-going M10 these engines were originally designed for use in Formula 2 open-wheeler race cars. This one can rev all the way to 10,800 rpm, and it sounds glorious. 

According to the HillClimbFans YouTube channel this engine is making 321 horsepower—around triple what this 2002 made from the factory. Attached to a six-speed sequential gearbox, driver Mario Minichberger has no trouble putting its power to the road. In fact, this car is surprisingly stuck to the surface, with nary a hint of oversteer throughout the short highlight clip.

Sounds like a fun time to us.

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