KGM Motors UK dealership Chandlers raises funds for Bliss

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Gavin Pell, MD of Chandlers in Grantham, Lincolnshire will participate in the London Marathon on 21 April alongside his family friend Dr Caroline Johnson MP to raise funds for Bliss.

Bliss is a charity which provides support to parents of babies who are born prematurely or with health issues. The fundraiser aims to address the critical need for enhanced neonatal care, around 1 in 7 babies in the UK require specialist care.

Gavin has personally experienced the support provided by the charity, which has given him a firsthand understanding of the challenges faced by families.

Pell said: “We are running for Bliss as it is a charity that we both hold close to our hearts for different reasons.

“They step in during times of immense trauma where a baby is born prematurely, a situation that often arises unexpectedly. Families find themselves thrust into highly stressful circumstances, often far from home, as they navigate the complexities of caring for a fragile newborn in a specialised hospital.

“They offer invaluable practical, emotional, and financial support during these difficult times, helping families manage the challenges of living in a hospital environment while also caring for their other children. They truly are a wonderful charity.”


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