Ineos plans 2 more SUVs, potential US plant

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Ineos only started production of its first model, the Grenadier SUV, two years ago, but the newly established company, part of the British chemicals giant of the same name, has already launched the Quartermaster pickup truck variant and confirmed plans for a separate electric SUV to be called the Fusilier.

The company has no plans of slowing things down, though, and already has two more SUVs on the drawing board, as well as a potential U.S. plant. Ineos’ current plant is a former Mercedes-Benz plant located in Hambach, France.

The information was revealed by Ineos CEO Lynn Calder during last week’s Financial Times Future of the Car Summit in London, Motor Trend reported.

The two SUVs will reportedly arrive after Ineos’ recently revealed Fusilier electric SUV enters production around 2027. The new SUVs aren’t intended to be as hardcore as the Grenadier and Fusilier when it comes to off-roading, though they should still be highly capable. One of them will be larger than the Grenadier, which suggests it will offer third-row seats.

Lynn Calder

According to the Motor Trend report, Calder indicated that the two new SUVs will be built on platforms capable of accommodating multiple powertrain types, suggesting that both electric and gas versions could be offered. Ineos is known to be testing hydrogen fuel cell powertrains, though Calder reportedly downplayed the chances of an Ineos running on hydrogen due to the lack of infrastructure.

As for the potential U.S. plant, Calder reportedly said Ineos is also looking at China but hinted that a U.S. plant may be more favorable due to the 25% Chicken Tax on light-duty trucks imported into the U.S., including the current Quartermaster.

Ineos was born after British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, chairman and founder of the Ineos chemicals company, was denied by Land Rover the rights to the original Defender, which he wanted to continue building for industry and off-road fans. Ineos also owns a third of the Mercedes-Benz AMG Formula 1 team.

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