Honda utilizing F1 tech to cut weight in future EVs

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Leading Formula 1 team Red Bull Racing has dominated the sport in recent years with the aid of Honda power units, including in its current 2024 cars.

The Japanese automaker now plans to use some of the lessons learned in developing the electrified power unit for F1, which features two electric motor-generators, to aid development of its future 0 Series of electric vehicles.

The 0 Series was announced in January during CES 2024 as a family of next-generation Honda EVs to be sold globally. At least seven vehicles are planned for launch by the end of the decade, including some in North America.

Honda on Thursday gave an update on its electrification plans for the coming decade, and said it will strive to deliver lightweight EVs for the 0 Series to ensure the vehicles are in keeping with Honda’s tradition of offering sporty driving dynamics.

Honda Saloon Concept – 2024 CES

The automaker said it will introduce lighter bodies as well as next-generation electric powertrains made lighter and thinner by utilizing F1 know-how, as well as its experience in hybrid vehicles. The automaker said it expects to reduce weight by around 220 pounds compared to its earlier EVs.

Honda also said it will use lessons learned in motorsports to help hone the aerodynamics of its EVs to maximize range. The automaker said the goal is to deliver more than 300 miles of range, based on the EPA test cycle, for each member of the 0 Series.

In addition to lightness, the core attributes of Honda’s 0 Series will consist of thin batteries to maximize interior space and intelligent software systems including Honda’s own operating system.

During the CES launch, Honda presented the Saloon concept as a preview of a 0 Series EV due in North America in 2026. It will be the flagship model in the series.

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