Hero Drives Their Pagani Utopia Through the Flooded Streets of Dubai

By automotive-mag.com 2 Min Read

Record rainfall in the United Arab Emirates didn’t stop the driver of a Pagani Utopia from taking the rare hypercar for a ride on the flooded streets of Dubai. A vehicle worth over $2 million typically spends the better part of its life locked up in a garage. However, that’s not the case here since the brave owner was not afraid to tackle the large bodies of water.

At first, you could see the driver was hesitant. Who wouldn’t be? Ultimately, they decided to swim through the shallow water. It was a risk the owner (we presume) was willing to take. Many things could have gone wrong, issues that could’ve resulted in expensive repairs. Even the tiniest fix on a bespoke car such as a Pagani incurs a huge bill.

Although that white Nissan Patrol had no issues driving through the water thanks to its lifted suspension, we can’t say the same for the hypercar since it’s almost glued to the road. With little to no ground clearance, even the slightest road imperfection can cause trouble. The person behind the wheel must have done some rough math in their mind before deciding to give it a whirl.

The Utopia will be a rare sight, even in the uber-rich city of Dubai. Pagani is only making 99 cars, all with a twin-turbo 6.0-liter AMG V-12 engine that produces 852 horsepower. Some will see the driver as a hero for being courageous enough to use such an expensive car in less-than-ideal conditions. Others would argue the owner was reckless by risking to severely damage the Utopia.

We can safely presume money is no object for the driver by not worrying about potential costly consequences. The water doesn’t look that deep, but if I still had my Miata, I’d be reluctant to test the waters, literally.

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