Fraudsters more likely to target EVs when manipulating mileage

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Electric vehicles are more likely to have had their mileage tampered with by fraudsters, according to vehicle history checking company carVertical.

The research has found that UK drivers overpay by 29% on fraudulently clocked cars, on average. Fraudsters alter a vehicle’s displayed mileage because buyers are more likely to pay more for a vehicle that has been driven less.

Matas Buzelis of carVertical said: “EVs may be among the newest cars on UK roads, but their modern technology can actually make them easier targets for fraudsters.

“Buying a clocked car can leave drivers hugely out of pocket. It also means they are left with a vehicle that has been driven for many more miles than they thought and could have mechanical problems down the road.”

In total, 2.6% of UK used EVs checked by the platform have had their mileage tampered with. Petrol cars are 14% less likely to have been clocked.

Having a newer system may be a pitfall of owning a modern EV as digital technology is considered easier to manipulate than mechanical systems in older cars.

Teslas are the most common EVs to have their history checked on carVertical by potential buyers, a fifth of EVs checked on the platform are the Tesla Model S.

“If you are buying a used car, it is important to check its history so you do not buy one which could cause you major problems and cost you hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds in repairs. Only a history check can tell you if a used car has been previously clocked or damaged,” Buzelis warned.

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