Fish Brothers Swindon to celebrate Figaro Shop partnership will product line unveiling

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The Figaro Shop will unveil its new product line, dubbed Restored & Remastered, at the Fish Bros. Nissan showroom in Fenn Close, Peatmoor, Swindon.

The Figaro shop is an Oxfordshire-based garage dealing only in parts, services and restorations of the 1991 Nissan Figaro. Bespoke examples of the car are built on a base car from the original production run. The customer can select their paint colour, upholstery and accessories.

Callum Miller, group marketing mananger at Fish Bros., said: ‘‘We are all looking forward enormously to the weekend of March 22-24 and we hope as many people as possible will join us.

‘‘We really do value the close relationship we have with The Figaro Shop and it will be wonderful to have one of their newly-created cars with us in the showroom.’’

While the Nissan Figaro was run as a Limited Edition release, with only around 20,000 produced, and mainly for the Japanese market, many were imported into the UK.

The Fish Bros. Nissan event will feature a Hermes orange Figaro, an example of a classic 1974 240Z sports car and the Nissan RE-LEAF natural disaster relief vehicle which can provide a mobile power supply after a natural disaster or extreme weather event.

Potential attendees are encouraged to register interest on the Fish Bros. website in order to ensure admittance.

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