Even More Tesla Layoffs Are Underway; Design, Engineering, HR Impacted

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It’s not over yet. After a tumultuous week marred by hundreds of dismissals within Tesla’s Supercharger team—the same team that helped build North America’s largest and most reliable charging network—it seems like that the automaker’s relentless layoffs are continuing into this week.

During the weekend, several Tesla employees appeared to have been laid off, as reported by workers on LinkedIn and various social media platforms. Employees from design and engineering teams, product managers, and human resources, among others, shared on social media that they received notifications of the layoffs via email over the weekend, with many being informed on Sunday.

The now-former employees also shared screenshots of the emails they received from Tesla, revealing the sudden nature of these layoffs. They were terminated with immediate effect, losing access to Tesla systems and physical facilities on the same day they received the emails. Some of these individuals are still awaiting details regarding severance packages, continuation of benefits, and separation documents.

In April, Tesla announced that it would lay off “more than 10%” of its global workforce. Concurrently, several high-ranking executives departed from the company. Just a week later, The Information revealed that the company planned to dismiss nearly its entire Supercharger team—the very team instrumental in establishing the gold standard for charging infrastructure in North America.

The layoffs follow the company’s growing focus on robotaxis and artificial intelligence. Workers interviewed by InsideEVs expressed concerns that the Supercharger layoffs, in particular, could impact the quality and reliability of the network—a network relied upon by millions of Tesla users and soon to be accessible to EV owners from other brands as well.

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