Dealership staff receiving EV-specific sales training, says Startline

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Over four out of 10 used car dealers (43%) have undertaken formal training in order to improve staff knowledge about EVs and increase sales as a result, according to the Startline Used Car Tracker.

The research also found that 34% of dealerships stated that while no formal training had been undertaken, staff continue to learn more about EVs along the way.

Paul Burgess, CEO at Startline Motor Finance, said: “In the last month, we have reached a point where there are a million EVs on UK roads and, while this is still a small percentage of the overall car parc, it also shows they are becoming a normal part of the used market.

“What our research indicates is that many dealers are responding to this situation quite positively. They recognise that car buyers have a lot of questions about EVs, ranging from the overall technology to facts about specific models, and have undertaken appropriate training.”

However, as it stands, research shows that 18% of car dealers have not received formal training and say they have gaps in their knowledge while 10% suggest staff are nervous about answering potential buyers’ questions about EVs.

Burgess adds: “Some dealers are understandably anxious about EV sales. It represents a massive shift in used car technology, and there is potentially quite a lot to learn when it comes to types of batteries, charging, range and longevity – but the time to start learning is now.”



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