Dealers encouraged to monitor stock in light of ICE ban delay

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Almost a third of motorists welcome the petrol and diesel ban delay as it will allow more time for EV infrastructure improvements and technology advancement, according to Close Brothers Motor Finance.

Around 28% of motorists expect this will give manufacturers time to improve EV technology and extend battery range while 27% expect initial outlay costs will come down.

Lisa Watson, director of sales at Close Brothers Motor Finance, said: “The Government needs to make sure that the additional time is utilised, and must match their ambition with necessary investment.

“For now, it continues to be vital that motor dealers ensure they’re stocking the right cars to meet this growing change in demand, and in a new landscape of car ownership, continuing to utilise insights and tools to monitor trends will be important to ensuring their forecourts are best suited to consumer demand.”

The survey finds that many motorists hope the delay will allow time for improvements unrelated to infrastructure. This includes the fall of energy costs, personal finance improvements, more EVs entering the market.

However, almost one in five say they will continue to buy a used petrol/diesel car even after the ban. Although 12% plan to purchase an EV in the next 12 months, 19% do not intend to make the switch to electric.

Watson said: “The delayed ban of the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles provides some much needed breathing room for the everyday motorist.

“In recent years they’ve had to contend with a number of pressures, including unpredictable fuel prices, the spiralling cost of car insurance and the government turning the screw on urban driving with schemes such as ULEZ.”



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