Customers increasingly reliant on dealerships for major repairs

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Warranty Solutions Group (WSG) research, revealing the most common used car part failures, acknowledges the number of repairs in the top faults that are mostly dealt with by main dealers.

The 2022/2023 warranty claims data identified alternators, batteries and coil springs as the most likely parts to fail.

Martin Binnee, operations director of WSG said: “The build quality has improved significantly across all car manufacturers over the last few years and generally vehicles have become more reliable.  However, rapidly advancing electronics have increased the likelihood of more complicated and expensive faults.

“One knock-on effect of this is being seen in the SMR sector, where smaller independent garages are finding it increasingly difficult to compete with franchised dealers and specialists due to equipment and expertise constraints.

A number of repairs in the top faults could only be carried out by main dealers or specialists. Two examples of this were Mitsubishi gearbox repairs (£1,129.29) and Suzuki media head replacements (£1,692.43).

Furthermore, the research revealed that Volvo owners in particular prefer to use a main dealer for repairs despite the increased labour costs.

Average repair costs across were naturally higher due to requiring main dealer or specialist labour rates and OEM parts.

McLaren had the three most expensive claims out of all of the prestige manufacturers. The most common faults were dual linear solenoids (£9,027.00), camshaft phasers (£6,087.00) and gearbox ECUs (£3,950).

Limited availability of aftermarket parts was identified as the main factor for the expensive repairs across the niche brands.


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