Chinese-made cars account for one in five BEV registrations in Europe

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Cars made in China accounted for one in five BEV registrations in February and January to February, according to JATO Dynamics.

Overall, February was a positive month for the new car market in Europe. According to JATO Dynamics’ data which observed 28 European markets, a total of 988,116 cars were registered during the month.

Growth of Chinese-made cars is strongest when looking at BEV registrations specifically. The volume of plug-in hybrid cars made in China fell by 62% last month, compared to 66% for BEVs.

Felipe Munoz, global analyst at JATO Dynamics: “The growth is partly explained by action taken by some Chinese OEMs to accelerate imports ahead of the EU decision on the anti-subsidy investigation.

“Increased tariffs could slow the growth of China’s OEMs, but as a knock-on effect it could also prompt them to accelerate their delivers to Europe.”

Around 44% of all the volumes of cars made in China were registered by Western brands including Tesla, volvo and Dacia, while 40% were registered by MG. The MG 4 was the fourth most registered electric car in February.

Munoz concluded: “Chinese brands still have a long way to go before they occupy a significant part of the European market.

“Despite the strides they have made in regard to performance and affordability, increasing awareness and shifting long-standing perceptions will take time.”

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