Check Out This Tesla Cybertruck Wrapped In Rust

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While opinions on the Tesla Cybertruck’s styling vary wildly, no one can deny that it’s an attention-getter. Whether cruising around in bare metal or wrapped in vinyl, this electric truck is going to turn heads.

For those who aren’t completely into the truck’s design, a full vehicle wrap can genuinely improve the look. For owners that install a wrap, it can also better represent their personal style. Something that is difficult to do on a vehicle with very few external customization options.

Now, most of the Cybertruck wraps out there are pretty typical: bold colors, pure white, total blackouts, occasionally camo. Last year, we did see Tesla have some fun by wrapping a pre-production Cybertruck like an F-150 and Toyota Tundra. But this might be the most outlandish and interesting Cybertruck wrap we’ve seen yet.  

In this video shared by YouTube channel WhipAddict, we get our first look at a rust wrap applied to Tesla’s newest model. While the rust look doesn’t work on every car (not so crazy about this BMW i8 that went viral several years ago for instance) the design and wrap featured here looks pretty sweet on Tesla’s futuristic-themed EV.

Something about the car’s styling meshes well with the weathered grunge design. With the Cybertruck, Tesla CEO Elon Musk wanted to channel the dark 80’s future as seen in the cyberpunk novels of William Gibson and films like Blade Runner and Total Recall. This wrap absolutely completes that look.

According to WhipAddict, the wrap was created and installed by Luxe Concepts for the rapper T.I. who has shown off his Cybertruck previously. In the video, we see the installation process at several stages and we also get to see a heavy window tint applied to that massive windshield. 


Obviously, like the Cybertruck itself, this wrap won’t appeal to everyone. But several members of the InsideEVs team are into it. Let us know what you think and if you’ve seen any other crazy Cybertruck wraps that might be worth sharing.

Cybertruck Rust Wrap Front
Cybertruck Rust Wrap Rear
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