Ceramic-Coated Tesla Cybertruck Beads Water, Is Easier To Keep Clean

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If you currently own or dream of owning a Tesla Cybertruck, then you probably place a high value on the vehicle’s unique aesthetics. With a stainless steel body and one-of-a-kind styling, your new baby will be turning heads everywhere you take it. But what makes the Cybertruck special also presents exterior maintenance challenges different from most vehicles. 

As you know, Elon Musk developed the Cybertruck to thrive in a now inevitable Mad Max or Cyberpunk-esque dystopian future. But just because you’re going to war with mutant hordes or sentient cyborgs, that doesn’t mean you don’t worry about your vehicle’s fit and finish. After all, your Cybertruck needs to maintain that new car shine if you’re going to rally the last remnants of humanity towards a better future. 

So naturally, a question many buyers have been asking themselves is whether or not the Cybertruck can be given a ceramic coating to protect against fingerprint oils, water stains, bird poop, zombie entrails and other unwanted contaminants. More importantly, with only bare metal and no hint of body paint, what would be the benefits or downsides of doing so?

YouTube channel OQ Detailing explains how to correctly apply a ceramic coating to your Cybertruck to avoid unwanted blemishes. Using a traditional ceramic coating intended for paint is not a good idea. Doing so will leave your sleek bare metal finish with an unfortunate brown tint that could last for years. 

Instead, a specific type of coating must be applied that was developed for use with raw metals such as stainless steel. The first part of the process is to polish the vehicle from top to bottom using a product such as Bar Keepers Friend. This will usually require multiple passes to maintain an even finish. After the polish has been rubbed clean, follow it up with a rinseless wash to remove any remaining streaks left by the polish. 

Once these steps are complete, the ceramic coating can finally be applied. The application of the ceramic coating is quite simple. After thoroughly coating your panel, wait 5 to 10 minutes before leveling off the layer. The video demonstrates each step of the process so that you or your preferred detailing shop can follow along to ensure it’s done properly.

Should you choose to apply this protective coating, your Cybertruck will be easier to clean and quick to repel liquids. Then you and your Cybertruck will be ready to face any apocalyptic hellscape in style. A gleaming beacon of hope for all mankind.

If you have any other tips for fellow Cybertruck owners on keeping your vehicle in top shape? Let us know in the comments section below.

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