Carwow reveals Ferrari model as most expensive car sold in Q1

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Carwow has revealed the 10 most expensive vehicles from its online auctions in Q1 of 2024, with a £260,000 Ferrari 458 Italia topping the list

With a sale price of £260,000, the Ferrari 458 was almost £100,000 more than the second-placed Lamborghini Huracan. To put the difference into perspective, there was only a £30,000 sale price difference between the Lamborghini Huracan and the vehicle at tenth place in the list.

Sally Foote, Carwow’s COO – Sell My Car, said: “Carwow is consolidating its reputation in the motor trade as a reliable source of retail-ready used stock.

“An increasing number of drivers are turning to Carwow to sell their car, with over 17,000 pre-qualified consumer listings now added to our auctions each month. Low buyer fees, round-the-clock bidding and our recently introduced BuySafe initiative make Carwow the ‘go to’ solution for retailers looking to meet strong used car demand.”

The remainder of the list included a Porsche 911(£160,028), a Rolls Royce Ghost (£158,000), a Bentley Continental (£155,000), an Aston Martin DBX (£144,801), another Porsche 911(£143,111) another Bentley Continental £141,151), a Ferrari 488 Convertible (£140,000) and another Porsche 911 (£135,551).

Over 125,000 used vehicles have been added to dealer forecourts since Carwow launched its auctions in 2021, worth a combined value of over £1.6 billion.

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