Carwow offers BuySafe option on cars bought in its online auctions

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Carwow has partnered with Warranty Solutions Group (WSG) to create ‘BuySafe’,  costing  £59 plus VAT per vehicle to safeguard eligible dealers against undisclosed mechanical and electrical failures on stock sourced via online auctions.

BuySafe deals with vehicle faults reported by dealers following purchase via auction. It includes the cost of repairing or replacing around 3,000 parts under the main systems, including the engine, gearbox, alternator, differential, infotainment, lighting units and supercharger and associated labour costs.

Carwow said this reduces the risk to dealers of an unexpected repair bill and maximises profit when the car is subsequently sold.

Sally Foote, Carwow chief commercial officer – Sell My Car, said: “We recognised that buying directly from a consumer via auction might be seen by some dealers as potentially risky.

“That’s why BuySafe has been created – to give dealers assurance that they won’t face a hefty repair bill should something go wrong mechanically or electrically. Our dealers can now bid with total confidence.”

Following a successful pilot phase, dealers that meet eligibility criteria will be able to join BuySafe, which is said to have a waiting list.

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