Cadillac says it will likely still sell gas cars beyond 2030

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Cadillac will likely still sell gas-powered cars beyond 2030, the brand’s chief, John Roth, told reporters on Wednesday.

A Cadillac spokesperson later told the Detroit Free Press that the brand still plans to offer EVs in multiple segments by the end of the decade, but that the transition away from gas cars may be slower than anticipated.

The end of the decade was touted by Roth’s predesscor, Rory Harvey, as the date when Cadillac would likely be a fully electric brand. Harvey announced the target date only three years ago, and at the time offered buyouts to U.S. dealerships unwilling to upgrade stores to support EVs. Around a third of the dealerships took the buyout offer.

However, slower than expected growth in EV sales is causing a number of automakers to backtrack on their EV pledges. Mercedes-Benz, which also in 2021 said it plans to be an EV-only brand by 2030, in February said it now expects to be selling gas-powered cars well into the next decade.

In the U.S., EV sales for the first quarter of 2024 were up just 2.6% year over year, and down a substantial 15.2% compared to the fourth quarter of 2023, according to Cox Automotive. That was the first quarter-over-quarter decline since 2020, which was the height of the pandemic.

Cadillac’s current EVs include the Lyriq midsize crossover and Celestiq flagship hatchback. The Optiq compact crossover and Escalade IQ full-size SUV arrive for the 2025 model year, and will be followed by a Vistiq midsize crossover with three rows of seats for 2026. Cadillac has also hinted at high-performance EVs, and will preview a potential route for its V-Series performance sub-brand in the EV era with the upcoming Opulent Velocity concept.

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