BMW Concept Skytop channels the Z8 with sharp looks, V-8 power

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BMW will use the 2024 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este running this weekend on the shores of Italy’s Lake Como to present the Concept Skytop, an open-top two-seater packing a powerful V-8 engine.

New model launches are dominated today by electric vehicles, typically in an SUV form factor, but the Concept Skytop reminds us of a not-so-distant past, when stunning sports cars with big engines made auto show visits a must for car fans.

BMW Concept Skytop

The Concept Skytop also features the type of elegant design that’s been missing at BMW in recent years, with its clean, sculpted surfaces and proportions reminiscent of past BMW greats such as the early 503 and 507 models, as well as the more recent Z8. The rear fender line and slit-like taillights are also close to the design of the corresponding elements of the Z8.

Unlike those earlier cars, which featured conventional convertible roofs, the Concept Skytop introduces a new targa-style roof consisting of a pair of removable panels that connect with a rollover bar, and both elements are wrapped in hand-stitched leather. The roof panels have their own storage area in the trunk, and when removed the rear window can be retracted as well.

BMW Concept Skytop

BMW Concept Skytop

The concept does away with conventional door handles, relying on a small winglet mounted to the top of the each door instead. The wheels are another interesting design. They are light alloys with gill-like elements that make the wheels appear like fans or radiator coolers.

In another nod to the Z8, the Concept Skytop is powered by an engine from the BMW M division, in this case a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 rated at 617. It’s the same engine fitted to the current M8 Competition, BMW said.

Judging by the size of the concept and the layout of its cabin, the underpinnings are also likely shared with BMW’s current 8-Series. BMW hasn’t indicated that the concept is a preview of a future 8-Series, though.

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