Bentley Batur spawns convertible limited to 16 cars

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Bentley in 2022 launched the Batur, an exclusive coupe based on the platform of the Continental GT and built as a sendoff for the automaker’s venerable W-12 engine.

On Tuesday, the automaker showed a Batur Convertible and confirmed just 16 examples will be built. That makes it more exclusive than the coupe whose production run will span 18 examples.

Like the coupe, the convertible is among the last cars to use Bentley’s W-12 engine whose production came to an end in April. Future performance flagships will use V-8 plug-in hybrid powertrains and eventually electric powertrains. Bentley’s first EV is due in late 2026.

The Batur is named after Bali’s Lake Batur, and features a unique tune of the familiar 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-12 delivering 740 hp. That output in the coupe is capable of delivering 0-62 mph acceleration in 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 209 mph, and the convertible shouldn’t be too far off the pace.

But rather than delivering top-line speed, the Batur is all about true grand touring style and comfort. A retractable soft-top roof opens up to reveal seating for two, plus a unique “airbridge” resembling rollover hoops and presumably serving some sort of aerodynamic function. The airbridge sits over a pair of tapered cowls which house storage compartments beneath.

Buyers will have numerous options to personalize their Batur Convertibles via Bentley’s Mulliner personalization department. Bentley said buyers will be able to specify the color and finish of practically every surface of the car. One option will be a 3D-printed rose gold ring for the drive mode selector located on the center console. The rose gold can also be optioned for the vent controls, and a steering-wheel insert. Bentley said it worked with jewelers in Birmingham, U.K., to craft the unique parts.

This first Batur Convertible, a prototype referred to as car number zero, features an exterior in the bespoke orange color Vermillion Gloss. The color even features in the grille as a fade that becomes dark at the grille’s center. It’s also found as an accent on the car’s 22-inch wheels.

Pricing hasn’t been announced but is thought to exceed 2 million British pounds (approximately $2.5 million). The coupe was priced from 1.65 million British pounds ($2 million).

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